About Us

Muzicol International Corporation was created in 2011 as a music community network for artists and fans worldwide to indulge in their passion. The site promotes a global community focused on providing a virtual stage for artists of the world. Muzicol provides both artists and fans with a fully integrated service, offering a virtual stage for artists, dancers, choreographers, make–up artists and more to showcase and promote their work and the possibility to receive immediate feedback from fans and fellow artists. Muzicol is a platform where artists can expose their work and personalize their account with photographs, videos, songs, and other useful material. Their contact information will be public, allowing managers, composers, the media and many other actors of the industry to contact and help them fulfill their dreams. We want to allow composers, singers and studio owners to connect and team-up in order to develop new projects. Managers, agents, radio stations and newspapers will contribute to the emergence of new talents and will give them a chance to have exposure.